Cherry Floors
Cherry floors have a deep rich redish color and are a very popular choice for hardwood flooring. Many times stronger than Red Oak, Brazilian Cherry has a beautiful variety of colors including touches of yellow, pink, red even black striping. Cherry floors will turn a deeper red in sunlight and with age.
Walnut Floors
Walnut has been a popular choice, providing a beautiful look and warm colors. Although many people still choose to stain their walnut floors, we suggest allowing the woods natural colors come through by using a water-based sealer. Water-based sealers are also considered an environmentally responsible alternative to other finishes.
Oak Floors
"Red Oak floors are known for their unique patterns and multiple color tones. This floor is lightly stained and compliments the white cabinetry and stainless steel appliances in this kitchen. The warm of a wood floor in the kitchen is preferred by some over a cold tile floor.