Walnut Travertine
Travertine is a beautiful natural stone with soft and warm hues. Using different sized and shaped tiles to create a Versailles pattern gives this foyer an elegant look. Walnut travertine is a little darker and works beautifully to compliment beige finishes, and dark wood accents. This particular tile is also honed and filled, and sealed during installation for protection.
Versaille Travertine
A light beige travertine tile was selected for this Versaille pattern layout in this gorgeous kitchen. The edges of the tile retain a rough edge, giving this floor a great natural look. This selection beautifully compliments the two tones used for the kitchen cabinets.
Brick Backsplash
A dark brick shaped tile is used for this backsplash, arranged in a linear layout. There is no 4" granite backsplash, which makes the space look bigger. By tiling the entire backsplash you also avoid squeezing tile into areas under a window or a switch, like seen in this picture.
Glass Tile
Install a glass tile mosiac for your backsplash to add interesting patterns and colors. Glass is a very versatile material that is ever more popular in tile design.
Brick Pattern
This beautiful dining room features a beige travertine arranged in a classic brick pattern, to help break up lines and highlight the various tones found in this tile. The border of the room is laid with a lightly stained oak. The tall baseboards and green faux finish on the walls are dramatic features that make this room one of a kind.